2016 Hall of Fame Voting Results: What Does it Mean?

Are you folks pumped about the 2016 Hall of Fame voting results? We know we are! We’ve long felt that year three was going to be the year Mike Mussina made a massive jump in the vote totals, and we were right. Moose’s total skyrocketed from 24.6% to 43%, the biggest increase on the ballot. This…

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Ballot check-in 1/5: It’s the Final Countdown

In 24 hours we will know the 2016 Baseball Hall of Fame class. This is our final look ahead for Mike Mussina and what the voting will mean for him and his chances for Cooperstown in the future. According to Ryan Thibs there are now 166 public hall of fame ballots. Mike Mussina has been…

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BALTIMORE, :  Baltimore Orioles pitcher Mike Mussina throws to home plate in the first inning 15 October during game six of the American League Championship Series against the Cleveland Indians at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Maryland. The Indians lead the series 3-2.    AFP PHOTO/Timothy A. CLARY (Photo credit should read TIMOTHY A. CLARY/AFP/Getty Images)

Ballot Check-in 12/30: Mussmentum

I’ve wanted to use the phrase Mussmentum for seven years. This week finally made it possible. The past nine days have been stellar for Mike Mussina‘s Hall of Fame candidacy. Since last Monday, 38 new HOF votes have become public. Mike Mussina found himself on 25 of those ballots. He has been named on 57.8%…

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MONTREAL, ON - JUNE 1984:  Tim Raines #30 of the Montreal Expos posing in Olympic Stadium in June 1984 in Montreal, Ontario.  (Photo by Ronald C. Modra/Sports Imagery/Getty Images) *** Local Caption *** Tim Raines

Ballot check-in 12/21: The Voters Awaken

The vote totals in this post are current as of 1:30 p.m. on December 21st. The number of public votes for the Hall of Fame nearly doubled over the past seven days. According to Ryan Thibs’ HOFTracker there are now 82 public ballots. Mike Mussina has been named on 44 of them (53.7%). Mussina has…

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Ballot check-in 12/14: Purging Away

Another week, another 14 publicly available Hall of Fame Ballots. Mussina appeared on four of those ballots, a number that decreases his vote total to 50%. Mussina has now picked up six votes this year, Tim Colinshaw and Tom Dienhart joined this week, and has lost one voter who previously voted for him (Steve Simmons).…

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Weekly Ballot Check-in (12/7)

Okay folks, it’s time to debut a new feature on this site: the Weekly Ballot Check-in. For those of you who don’t know, Ryan Thibs has spent several years collecting and adding up the votes given to players on public ballots, and tracking it on a spreadsheet. This year’s effort can be found here at…

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Baseball’s Hall of Fame Class of 2016: A Look Ahead

Induction weekend in Cooperstown has concluded. The class of 2016 is now on the clock. Baseball Reference already has the potential 2016 ballot listed on their site. The major new additions to the ballot, in order of their total career WAR, are Ken Griffey Jr. Jim Edmonds, Jason Kendall, and Trevor Hoffman. I don’t think…

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John Smoltz vs. Mike Mussina

It’s late July in Cooperstown, which must mean another star pitcher from the Atlanta Braves of the 1990s is about to be inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame. This year it’s John Smoltz who played in Atlanta for 20 years. Like our Mike Mussina vs. Tom Glavine article from last summer, a comparison of…

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“Deserves Got Nothing to Do With It”

Ryan made a fantastic John Smoltz vs. Mike Mussina post yesterday comparing Mike Mussina’s career with John Smoltz’s. And as you’ll see from the post, Mussina comes out ahead. This isn’t the first time—and it may not be the last, that we’ve compared  Mussina’s career to that of a (relative) contemporary whose Hall of Fame support…

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Mike Mussina vs. Craig Biggio

It’s hall of fame week! On Sunday, the HOF will welcome four new members to its illustrious membership (though our beloved M. Mussina is not among them…this year). The only hitter in this year’s class is Craig Biggio. Biggio faced off against Mussina for only one game during their long careers. This is due to…

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