The Good, the Bad, and the Frustrating

Let’s get right to the meat here: Mike Mussina was not elected to the Hall of Fame this year. While this is disappointing, we knew it was going to happen folks, and so there’s no sense raging. Instead, let’s analyze what went down by breaking the results into three categories. The Good 1. Mussina picked…

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The Long Road Ahead

First off, congratulations to Craig Biggio, Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, and John Smoltz on their election to the Baseball Hall of Fame. They are all worthy of induction. Despite having the fifth highest WAR among eligible players, voters only named Mike Mussina on 24.6% of their ballots. This gave him the 14th highest vote total.…

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Course Correction

I’m going to start this column with something mildly controversial, but I ask that you bear with me through the first couple paragraphs, because I swear, I’ll explain myself: I’m no longer interested in Mike Mussina’s career. Admittedly, this is a strange position to take, considering I co-founded a site dedicated to getting Mussina elected…

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2015 Hall of Fame Ballot Released

Last Monday was Ballot Monday. Did you rush out to your mailbox to get your Baseball Hall of Fame ballot? If the Friday after Thanksgiving is the unofficial start of the holiday season, than the release of the Hall of Fame ballot is the unofficial start of Hall of Fame season. As of last Monday…

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Was Mike Mussina better than Derek Jeter?

If you are a baseball fan, you’ve probably seen Keith Olbermann’s tangent against Derek Jeter. Olbermann delivered an opinion piece on his ESPN2 show last week and it has gone viral in a big way. Some of this is because of the backlash against  the amount of attention the Yankees and MLB are giving to…

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Mike Mussina vs. Tom Glavine: Who had the better career?

Tom Glavine will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this summer. He’ll walk into the hall having received more than 90% of the vote during his first year of eligibility. There’s really no doubt that Glavine’s career qualifies him as an all-time great. But if Glavine is a first ballot hall of famer, than…

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Photo via Sports on Earth

Mike Mussina vs. Frank Thomas

Soon to be Baseball Hall of Famer, Frank Thomas played in the Major Leagues for 19 seasons and accumulated 10,075 plate appearances in 2,322 games. In all those seasons he faced no pitcher more often than he faced our beloved Mike Mussina. From 1990-2008, Thomas and Mussina faced each other 96 times. Here is Thomas’s…

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Mussina’s 1987 Scouting Report from High School

I wanted to post this last month to coincide with the date of the report, but got too busy and forgot about it. Twenty-seven years ago this week Bill Blitzer, a scout for the Chicago Cubs, who covered for the northeast portion of the country, reported back to his bosses about a young Pennsylvanian right-hander…

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Action Shot Of Dizzy Dean Pitching

Methods of Measurement

One of the trickiest parts of trying to figure out if a guy is a Hall of Famer is trying to figure out what exactly is it we’re arguing about. Most people agree that the Hall of Fame is for the best of the best. But what exactly does that mean? Are we assessing the…

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Yankees Look Back at Mussina’s 2008 season

The Yankees and MLB produce a web series known as “Standout Seasons.” A few days ago they chronicled Mussina’s 2008 campaign. The video is about six and a half minutes long and does a solid job chronicling Mike Mussina’s final season. I had not seen a lot of these highlights since 2008 and they bring…

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