Mussina Twitter Tidbits 

If you follow us on Twitter (like 600+ wise souls do) you’ll know that we often retweet interesting tidbits about Mike Mussina. If you don’t follow us or don’t use Twitter or can’t keep up with all the content on Twitter (and the repetitive ads that appear in the timeline) this post is for you. These…

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Mike Mussina vs. Ken Griffey Jr.

In a few days, Ken Griffey Jr. will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Many flowery adjectives have been used to describe Griffey’s career since he retired in 2010, so I won’t waste time elaborating on his career in this space. If you are reading this, then hopefully you are familiar with who…

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Mike Piazza vs. Mike Mussina

Next Saturday Mike Piazza will be inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame. Congrats to Piazza on the much deserved capstone to his career. Like the annual games between the Mets and Yankees, the battles between Mike Mussina and Mike Piazza meant a great deal to New York baseball fans during the aughts. Mussina and Piazza…

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New York Daily News Podcast on Mussina

New York Daily News Yankees beat reporter Mark Feinsand had friend of the site Mark Simon on his June 10th podcast . You can listen to the podcast here. The interview with Simon starts around the 29-minute mark. It’s a really good listen because of all the content about Mike Mussina, including some tidbits about…

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Site Revamp News

Since Ryan and I started this website back in 2008, its gone through several different life cycles. Initially, like Festivus, we kind of just wanted to air our grievances about the dumb arguments that fans and writers would make when expressing the belief that Mike Mussina didn’t belong in the Hall of Fame. Like his lack…

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How could Time Travel most help Mike Mussina?

This is the second in our series of open discussions about Mike Mussina‘s career. The scenario: Doc Brown pulls up in the DeLorean. He has enough plutonium for one trip to the past and the subsequent return back to the future. He wants to help Mike Mussina’s HOF case. Which one event do you go into the…

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yankee index

Mussina HOF in Book Form (Sorta)

Apologies for the click bait title but this post has been sitting around for half a year, and we couldn’t tell anyone until now. Several months ago, Ryan received a direct message on our official Twitter feed from ESPN’s Mark Simon. What could he possibly want with us, we wondered? Turns out, he stumbled across…

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Baltimore Orioles starting pitcher Mike Mussina throws to the plate early in game 4 of their American League Division Series against the playoff Seattle Mariners at Camden Yards in Baltimore, Sunday, Oct. 5, 1997. (AP Photo/Dave Hammond)

Mike Mussina: Strikeout Artist

Mussina isn’t exactly remembered for his ability to strike out hitters. Instead, he’s often thought of as a cerebral pitcher who pitched with craftiness and guile. While some of this sentiment is true, it misses the fact that Mussina was actually a hell of a strikeout pitcher. One of the best of all-time actually. Let’s take…

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hat grab

When Will Mike Mussina be Elected?

Ryan and I are going to try something new on the site. Rather than writing stand-alone articles, we’re going to try debating a topic. We often chime in on each other’s pieces anyway, so this will be a chance for us to approach things and present arguments from all sides. Now, we’re not going to…

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Mussina Can’t Get Relief

So the other day, I was thinking about the Hall of Fame voting results, and how Mike Mussina‘s still not getting the support we think he deserves while lesser candidates have earned a higher percentage of votes (or been elected.) Of course, I feel this way every time Mussina’s not elected to the Hall of…

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