A Lengthy Jack Morris Post

So, there’s been a lot written about Jack Morris’ Hall of Fame candidacy. Whether or not you think Jack Morris is deserving of the Hall of Fame, what I aim to do in this post is to point out that Mike Mussina was clearly a better pitcher. Why? Because hopefully, someday, a writer with a…

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Mike Mussina on Twitter

Twitter’s search function is awesome. It allows you to see what thousands of people around the world are saying about a specific person at any given time. About once every other day I type in “Mussina” and see what the Twitterverse is saying about our favorite player. Here are some highlights from the past two…

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Better Know a HOF Voter: Peter Abraham

This is part one in our 725 or so part series on the men and women tasked with electing baseball players to the Hall of Fame. Information in these posts may not be complete. What good information you will find in these posts would not be possible without the amazing work of Ryan Thibbs at…

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Bill James

Bill James says Mussina is the 11th best Big Game pitcher

Bill James wrote a massive series on Big Game pitchers. The articles are behind a pay wall, so what I know about them comes from other writers talking about his methodology and results. David Schoenfield says that James’ list of the 11 best Big Time pitchers in baseball since 1952 includes Mussina in the number…

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Comparing 1999′s HOF vote totals to 2014

For the first time since 1999, the baseball writers elected three men to the Hall of Fame. In 1999, Nolan Ryan, George Brett, and Robin Yount got the call. What this post will look at is how the voting turned out the next year when the ballot was cleared of three big names. Hopefully this…

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Mussina Talks About the Hall of Fame

Mussina recently sat down for a short interview with Eyewitness News WBRE in Pennsylvania. You can watch the clips here,  here, and here. The first clip is very brief. It is mostly Mussina giving his thoughts on his first year as a HOF candidate. The second, longer clip, features Mussina talking about the Hall of…

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BBWAA reveals voter ballots

The Baseball Writers Association of America recently published the ballots of its voters who choose to make their selections public. There are 38 public votes on the BBWAA site for Mike Mussina. A couple interesting things about the BBWAA list of Mussina voters: 32 of the 38 voters who voted for Mussina filled their ballot…

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Yankees Hot Stove Discusses Mussina’s Hall of Fame Chances

Here’s the video from the YES Network: Joel Sherman says Mussina was #11 or 12 on his ballot. Sherman sounds like he’s been reading this site (we can hope) because he makes the argument that the strike came at the worst time for Mussina’s career and that after next year, the ballot should look better…

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The Fine 15

I wanted to expand a bit on an earlier post where I pointed out Mike Mussina’s “place” standing in Hall of Fame balloting was discouraging, but his vote percentage positive. Mike Mussina finished 15th in voting for the Hall of Fame. So what, historically, has been the fate of players who were ranked 15th on…

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Here are the Writers Who Have Mussina’s Back

Here are the 47 writers who voted for Mike Mussina and made their votes public. In some cases I’ve linked to their Twitter account. Please feel free to send them a thank you for their wise vote. Pete Abraham (Boston Globe), Mel Antonen (MASN), Mike Berardino (Pioneer Press), Tim Brown (Yahoo!), Ron Chimelis (, Jerry…

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