Well, the Cy Young voting came out today. Mike Mussina picked up two votes to finish 6th, although 24 of the 28 first place votes went to Cliff Lee, and Roy Halladay took the others

Were there any suprises? I was suprised Dice-K picked up the 10 votes that he did. Both Ryan and I thought Mussina would finish ahead of him. Does anyone actually think Dice-K was a better pitcher in 2008 then Mussina? Have you seen their splits? Dice-K also missed a month of the season with injury.

Mariano Rivera finished ahead of Mussina, three votes to two. I can’t argue as much with that.

Really, this is about what you knew was going to happen. Every writer put Lee 1st or 2nd. Three voters left Roy Halladay off completely, which just proves that writers know nothing. On the other hand, 10 voters left K-Rod off and none of them voted for him to finish 1st.

This marks the 9th time Mussina has recieved votes for the Cy Young, and the first time since 2001. So, if nothing else, please remember this: Mussina was still the man this year.

In the end, though it’s just speculation, some of the voters might have sent in their ballots early. Cliff Lee had this thing won back in early September. He won his 20th game on September 2nd. No one else in the AL got to 19 until the season’s final week. Again, that’s just an attempt at rationalization on our part.

Next order of business: Mussina making up his mind on retirement. The deadline to file for free agency is tonight at midnight. If Mussina doesn’t file, we’re not really sure what the heck that means, but we’re efforting to find out.

Update: This article in today’s (Thursday) NY Daily News spells it out for Mussina, because it’s pretty much in his own words.  It’s a must read.  In short:  He’s still undecided, but my guess, from reading between the lines, is that perhaps he’s waiting to see what the free agent market will bring him.

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7 thoughts on “6th place is better than nothing, but…

  1. it was reported that Mussina had filed for free agency last week, so not sure what that’s all about. Maybe it was just Tellem saying he would file, but it was definitely reported in the news he was filing that day and would file regardless of his decision.

    I can’t argue with Rivera 1 vote ahead of Moose. I just didn’t expect it. I figured the Closer vote quota was used up, and while Rivera had a great year usually the voters don’t appreciate these things rationally.

    Ok, I just checked and Moose filed for free agency the same day as Giambi and Pavano- Nov. 5th.

    Filing for free agency and decided whether to retire or not are 2 entirely different things.

    If he really wants to come back, I think he should work out a deal quietly and then the ‘announcement” can be ” Mussina re-signs with Yankees for a year with an option” or something. OR “Mussina signs with blank.”

  2. Ugh. K-Rod and Dice-K were not good. Furthermore, unless there were no extraordinary starting pitchers, I would never give a relief pitcher a vote. Lee, Halladay, Mussina, and a couple other starters were all extraordinary. Where’s Ervin Santana? I love Rivera, but two closers in the top 5 is ridiculous.

    Anyway, perhaps this will be one of the reasons Moose decides to come back. He just had one of his best seasons — after his worst. Won 20 games for the first time in his 18-year career. He was one of the few reasons to watch the Yankees this season. He’s old. And yet… two third-place votes. That’s it. Do you trust these people to make you a Hall of Famer, Moose?

  3. “mascot” seemed to be criticizing the Cy Young Voters ( these writers- are they the same ones with HOF votes??) and using it as an example of why Moose might not get a fair vote for the HOF. At least that’s the way I took it.

  4. Hey fans can vote for Moose as starter of the year at:


    Vote often! 🙂

    That article about Moose becoming the pitching coach of the Yankees is ridiculous. If he’s going to spend time away from his kids it’s going to be to pitch, not to coach. He can always come back later in his life after his kids are older and coach. No way is he going to do that now.

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