9:58 – And another Rivera strikeout gives Mike Mussina his 19th victory of 2008.  Mike Mussina has now won 19 games in a season for the third time.  He will go for his 20th win of the season, which he has never done before, on Sunday in Boston at 1pm.

9:57 – Zaun strikes out and Yankee nation mourns the official lose of the postseason.

9:55 – The Red Sox win and clinch the wild card.  Michael Kay sounds like someone just killed his dog.

9:54 – Rolen grounds out for 1 out.

9:53Bottom 9.  Derek Jeter is playing freakin shortstop!  This is a playoff game.

9:51 – Yanks go down without a peep in the 9th. 3 outs to number 19. Enter Sandman, luckly Tony Womack and Dave Roberts are not in the building. Remember when Womack was a Yankee? Yeah me either.

9:49 – Top 9.  We have a Mo sighting!

9:47 – Line of the night from reader Jenny about Joba’s last K, “I prefer my strikeouts with a little less drama.”  We wholeheartdly agree.

9:44 – Joba breaks off a backdoor slider for strike three.  Heart attack avoided.  1 more inning to win number 19 for Mike Mussina.

9:43Bases loaded, two strikes, conference on the mound.

9:40 – Giradi decides to walk the bases loaded.  I absolutely hate this move.  It puts way to much pressure on the pitcher to throw strikes, in which case he grooves one which gets hit into the gap.

9:39Bottom 8.  Two on, two outs in the 8th…can the Yankees work out of the jam?

9:32 – Anyone got any news on Mussina? We refuse to listen to Michael Kay speak, so we’ve heard nothing?

9:25 – Patrick here. There are so many emotions going through this apartment right now I can’t explain…can Chamberlain hold the lead? When will Girardi turn to Rivera? Can the Yankees tack on some runs? I can barely watch this game. Anyone else have similar feelings? What do you think is going through Mussina’s head right now?

9:23 – Joba stikeouts the third out and we’re out of that mess!  Go hug somebody.  Six outs left.

9:18 – Joba enters and allows a run.  Then strikesout Zaun.  One more out to get out of this.

9:14 – Marte bloody walks his second hitter.  Why is he pitching?? Joba’s coming in with the tying running coming to plate.  Pat has left the building looking for Damaso Marte’s family.

9:10  – Marte gives up a single to center on his first hitter.  Pat is cursing Marte’s ancestors.


9:00 – The home plate umpire totally blows the call (we watched it repeatedly in ultra slow mo) as Cano scores on another Litsch wild pitch.  But we’ll take it.  Yanks up 3 to zip.

8:57 – Litsch is at 100 pitches and struggling.

8:54 – Top 7. Cano channels himself from last year and get on with a double.  Then goes to third on a wild pitch!!

8:53 – Phil Coke and  Brain Burney get past the sixth, much like Moose could have.  Marte is warming up, Pat remembers that Minnesota game, he’s nervous.

8:45 – Bottom 6. So inexplicably, Mussina gets pulled at 76 pitches thorugh 5 innings for Phil Coke. I am pissed. The first batter in the 6th gets on. It must have been the elbow…goddamn it

8:39 – Top 6. The Yankees look like their pressing.  No hits, no runs, nothing doing in the 6th.

8:31 – Moose K’s Gregg Zaun to end the 5th,  NO runs allowed, 6 strikeouts so far.  We have faith.

8:29 – The ghost of Scott Rolen flies out.  What happened to this dude?  I thought he was suppose to be the next Schmidt?

8:28 – Bottom 5. Pat says Moose’s eyes look like a lion’s hunting a gazelle.  I think he just has a rabid man crush.

8:27: Johnny Damon swings at two straight balls out of the strike zone and we’re headed to bottom of the 5th.

8:23: And Brett Gardner is shopping at the gap and the gap is open!  Stand up triple. (Gardner giveth and Garner taketh away)

8:20Top 5th. Michael Kay is talking about the Mets for some reason.  We’re Yankee fans, shut up please. And on goes the mute.


8:18 Moose fields his position to get Lind out at the end of the 4th…still 2-0 Yankees

8:13 – Bottom 4th. Moose nearly gets a DP but Cano pulls off the bag a split second early.

8:06Top 4th. GIAMBI!!!! After taking what looked like a 3rd strike, Giambi launches one into the right center bleachers for a 2-0 lead!!!!

7:58 – Double play to end the inning.  Trevor txts us: “Looks like it hit more of his hip, then his elbow.”  We both hope so.

7:56 –  Moose looks okay and will stay in the game.  Still holding our breath here.

7:55 – Moose gets drilled on the elbow with a line drive back up the middle.  That did not look good at all. Pat is passed out.  Stay tuned; we might be wrapping this thing up early (and be headed to the bar).

7:53 –  Bottom 3rd. And the Moose K’s another.  That’s 5 total, 4 in row.

7:52 –  Top 3rd. Yanks going down weakly.  We’re going to need more then 1 run to win this game probably.

7:43 –  Moose finds the fountain of youth and K’s the side, He’s got 4 through 2 innings!  You think he knows what is on the line?

7:42 – Mussina fans Overbay for his 3rd K of the game…

7:38Bottom 2nd. Mussina catches Wells looking to start the second before a Lind single.

7:30 – Cano grounds out to score Giambi and put the Yankees up 1-0…

7:29 – Nady doubles to right and we’re in business….2nd and 3rd with one out….

7:26 – Giambi swings at ball four and lines a single into right…

7:24Top 2nd. A-Rod grounds out….four hitters. four balls not leaving the infield…

7:22 – Rios goes down looking.  We’re through one.


7:20 – Pat and I are currently writing Thank You notes to Marco Scutaro for that idiot move (he tried to turn a routine double into a triple, didn’t hustle it out and got gunned down).  Important to note that Damon doesn’t make that throw if he’s in center.  Signs look good early.

7:16 – Bottom 1st. I just realized something:  No Derek Jeter.  Oh crap.  Major crap.

7:10 – Pat just yelled at me, because apparently Damon is playing.  It was Matsui that’s out with season ending surgery.  I stand corrected; now I know how the infielders behind Moose must feel.

7:09 – Top 1st. Looks like Gardner is playing instead of Damon.  I’d say this is a bad sign, but he replaced Johnny D in Mussina’s last start and that turned out okay.

7:06 – There’s like no one at the Rogers Centre.  I love it.

7:00: As Ryan and I sit in my apartment, two things occur to me: One, Ryan is really overselling this reverse jinx thing. And two, Ryan is mad because I can’t find the encryption key to my wifi and making me type this out. The first inning will be on delay because of a superstision of mine, but we’ll be here until Mussina wins or faces a no-decision…more to come. So stick around.

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43 thoughts on “Live blog – Mussina goes for 19.

  1. Such a longshot for the Yanks to reach the post-season, but with the Sox facing Cliff Lee, we have a good shot to stay alive one more day!

  2. i can only “see” the game on my cell phone, since i’m in Michigan, and it said: “A sharp single, deflected by Pitcher Mike Mussina to Catcher Jose Molina.” That’s when i came here.

  3. I’m way too nervous to watch this game live (even though I have mlb.tv premium). If Mike wins I’ll watch it back on archive. 😛 Just peeked in here to see how he was doing.

  4. I absolutely loathe Marte. I still associate him with those Texas games and putting two runners on base in the 8th in that Twins game. Hate him.

  5. Why do we not get YES in Baltimore?!?! Can’t believe Hank didn’t tap into all available markets! I’m resorting to you guys and the cartoon simulcast on yankees.com!

  6. You can shove all the VORP stats you want in my face about A-Rod, but I had absolutely no faith there. So very typical of him. Strike out swinging at a pitch in the dirt… or K with the ball right down the middle.

  7. i really cant explain even explain the emotions i am feeling right now. Im sure mussina is very upset, and he must be more injured then we first thought. He must have taken himself out of the game. I have the same feelings as u, i have MLBtv and cbs.sportsline loads faster so i am constantly checking that then watching what happens again on my comp

  8. they’re saying Mussina was struck on the elbow. no word on his condition but it can’t be too bad since he was able to tack on a couple extra zeroes.

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