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Just some quick thoughts on a great day of Major League playoffs:

– I don’t care what anyone says, there’ s nothing better then the playoffs in baseball.

–  For one day I’m thinking the Red Soxs might be the new Yankees and the Angels the new Red Soxs (aka the hammer and the nail).

– If the Milwaukee Brewers are going to bat Mike Cameron and Bill Hall, 1-2, they might as well have stayed home and allowed the Mets a chance at this thing.

–  Would a Cubs first round exit this year, with all these expectations, be worse then 2003?

– It’s kind of funny how much the Brewers are potentially screwing whoever dares to sign C.C. next year.  Seriously this poor guy could be finished at 33.  It’s one thing to be a crafty lefty like Tom Glavine, throwing changeups and locating your pitches and another to throw gas for nine innings every three days.

– There was some talk, especially from Hank Stienbrenner, about how the Yankees coulda, shoulda made the playoffs if they played in the NL West.  Now while I’ll leave that silly discussion for another day, but how pissed do you think the Mets, Cardinels and Astros feel?  They all play in the same league, against the same teams and each finished with a better record then the Dodgers.  Oh and the Florida Marlins also had the same record as L.A.

– Speaking of quirks, did anyone else notice that the Chicago White Sox made the playoffs with 88+1 victories, while in 2006 they missed the playoffs but won 90 games?

– There’s been some amusing talk about who should throw out the first ball at the Rays first playoff game (including the silly notion of Dickie V.)  If the club had a lot class, which it does but this is a bit much, if would invite former owner and the man who brought baseball to Tampa, Vincent Naimoli.  If Rochestor’s, NY finest, Mr. Naimoli, isn’t free they could also go with former GM Chuck Lemar.  Lemar built this club through the draft (Crawford, Badelli, Cantu, Shields, Gomes, etc) and through trades (Kazmir).  He was fired in October 2005 by the team’s new, and current, owner Stuart Sternberg.  Oh and if it has to be a player, the most succussful player ever drafted or developed by the Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays is probably none other then Mr. I-only-swung-at-19-first-pitches-all-year, Bobby Abreu.

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  1. Ray Durham should be starting and leading off — he and Fielder are the only Brewers with respectable OBPs. Good thing they hit home runs, because those OBPs are scary.

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