Who knew Bon Jovi could make playoff baseball so cool?


Very funny bloopers from that here (featuring Joba and Johnny D!).

I’m psyched for October ball.  Are you?

And who doesn’t love predictions? Their pointless, stupid and can fill hours of time as you debate them away (I sound like my wife discussing sports other then baseball). No one remembers your picks when the time comes (unless of course you were somehow spot on).

With that in mind we here by offer our playoff predictions for the 2008 Major League Baseball Posteason.    And yes, you’ll see this post again if we’re remotely close (it could be deleted if things go badly)

You can also enter your picks and win some great stuff here at mussinahof.com like a signed Mussina card and a chance to write your own article about anything you choose concerning Mussina, the HOF, baseball or the Yankees.  You do the writing, we’ll publish it.

The contest, which is open to anybody (but just one entry per person), is as follows:
1 point for picking the winner of a series (2 in the world series)
2 points if you pick the winner and the number of games (3 in the World Series)
2 points if you pick the AL and/or the NLCS MVP (3 for the World Series MVP)
We also reserve the right to pick a humorous solution to a tiebreaker.


National League
Phillies over Brewers (in 4)
Cubs over Dodgers (in 5)

Cubs over Phillies (in 6)
NLCS MVP – Rich Harden

American League
Angels over Red Sox (in 3)
White Sox over Rays (in 4)

Angels over Twins White Sox(in 5)

World Series
I really want to see the Cubs win, because let’s face it, they deserve one and it’d make a great story.  However, the Angels have 4 great starters, a strong bullpen and very good 3-5 hitters.  If the Angel offense does go cold, which wouldn’t surprise me, the Cubs will have a legitimate shot.  But I’m not counting on that.
Angels over Cubs (in 6)
World Series MVP – Mark Teixeira

Post your predictions in the comments and we’ll give a signed Mussina card to the winner along with a chance to write an article for the site about whatever Mussina, HOF, baseball or Yankee topic you desire.

Please remember to provide your email address for we can contact you later should you win.  Contest closes at 5pm on Thursday October 2nd.

BTW, Moose can add one more stat to his career line – domination of baseball-reference. (And if anyone knows those sponsers let us know, we want in)

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22 thoughts on “Post Pointless Playoff Predictions

  1. Braves in 3 games… That’s for the whole shebang, the mighty World Series. BRAVES ALWAYS WIN!!! Pat knows this…

    real predictions to come later…

  2. ALDS: Rays in 5, Angels in 5
    NLDS: Phillies in 5, Cubs in 4
    ALCS: Rays in 7; MVP: Evan Longoria
    NLCS: Cubs in 6; MVP: Jim Edmonds
    World Series: Rays in 6; MVP: Scott Kazmir

  3. Hi! Yay for Moose!

    Phillies over Brewers (in 5)
    Cubs over Dodgers (in 4)

    Cubs over Phillies (in 5)
    NLCS MVP – Derrek Lee

    American League
    Angels over Red Sox (in 5)
    Rays over White Sox (in 4)

    Rays over Angels(in 7)
    ALCS MVP – Evan Longoria

    World Series
    I’ve always had an issue with the Rays; as a Yankee fan, I understood losing to them before it was cool to lose to the. However, I’m an English professor and a lover of literature, so I’m totally rooting for the Cinderella story to finish out as it should – with a bunch of young guys out of Florida jumping up and down having won the World Series for the first time.
    I’m going to say Rays over Cubs in 6.
    MVP: Evan Longoria

  4. National league: Phillies over brewers in 3
    Dodgers over cubs in 5

    NLCS: Phillies over Dodgers in 5
    MVP: ryan howard

    American league: angels over red sox in 4
    Rays over White Sox in 3

    ALCS:Angels over rays in 6
    MVP: vlad guerrero

  5. ALDS: Rays in 4, Angels in 5
    NLDS: Phillies in 3, Cubbies in 4
    ALCS: Rays in 6, MVP Scott Kazmir
    NLCS: Cubbies in 4, MVP Zambrano
    World Series: Cubbies in 7, MVP Soto

    Just a wild, stab in the dark, flying bone at a rolling donut guess off the top of my head.

  6. Firstly I would like to know how the Angels are going to win over the Twins in the AL if the Twins aren’t even in the playoffs. Guys?!? If it’s the Angels over Twins then I vote Mussina for AL MVP. I do vote him for Yankees MVP in a tie with Mo.

    NL: Phillies over Brewers in 5
    Cubs over Dodgers in 5

    Cubs over Phillies in 6

    AL: Angels over Red Sox in 4
    Rays over White Sox in 4

    Angels over Rays in 6

    Cubs over Angels in 7 … or 6 … no, 7! I can’t decide. I think 6 but I am going to say 7 as my official guess.

    I’m terrible at picking MVPs because I’m biased towards pitching, and it’s never pitchers, is it? But I “vote” Kerry Wood for NLCS MVP and I go with Vlad Guerrero for ALCS MVP. Derrek Lee World Series MVP — I am looking for something big from him.

  7. LOL thanks Lori. I might have prepared this post a bit early and forgot to fix all of it after tonight’s game (plus you can see how bad I am at this prediction thing).

  8. I got here from blogsearch but apparently the post is missing/removed. Listed as being posted 4 hours ago it was something like ” How Moose got to 20: a look back at 2008.”

  9. white sox in 5, Angels in 5
    brewers in 5, Dodgers in 5

    Angels in 6 (vlad mvp)
    Dodgers in 5 (Manny mvp)

    Dodgers in 7 (MAnny mvp)

  10. (AL) Rays over White Sox in 4, Red Sox over Angels in 5
    (NL) Philly over Brewers in 5, Dodgers over Cubs (5)

    Rays over Sox in 6 – Pena MVP
    Philly over Dodgers in 7 – Lidge MVP

    Philly over Rays in 5 – Howard MVP

  11. I’m picking MVP’s for every series even if MLB doesn’t, which I can’t remember because of the crack.

    Brewers in 5 MVP : Sabathia
    Cubs in 3 MVP : A. Ramirez

    Boston in 5 MVP: Schilling (wait DOH!!! but seriously Manny… DOH! I mean J.D. Drew… DOH again! I really mean Fred Lynn, damnit not him either… Paul Pierce… wait a second, Brady… damn knee… Pedroia! There we go!)

    Tampa in 4 MVP: Pena

    Cubs in 7 MVP: Lee

    Tampa in 6 MVP: Crawford

    Tampa in 7 MVP: Shields

    Everything according to the great Florida run of 2003, down to Shields pulling his best Beckett impersonation and the Cubbies having to wait another year at least…

  12. NLDS
    Dodgers in 4
    Phillies in 4

    WhiteSox in 5
    Angels in 3

    Dodgers in 6

    Angels in 5

    Dodgers in 6
    MVP: Manny Ramirez or Joe Torre haha

    Pointless prediction 1:
    K-Rod saves every game the Angels Win

    Pointless Prediction 2:
    The three best Starters (Sabathia, Zambrano, and Beckett) all lose their first games, causing their teams to be knocked out in the first round.

  13. NLDS:
    Phillies over Brewers (in 4)
    Cubs over Dodgers (in 3)

    Angels over Red Sox (in 4)
    Rays over White Sox (in 5)

    Phillies over Cubs (in 6)
    NLCS MVP – Chase Utley

    Angels over Rays (in 5)
    ALCS MVP – Torii Hunter

    World Series
    Phillies over Angels in 6

    MVP: Brad Lidge

  14. ALDS:
    Angels beat Red Sox in 5
    Rays beat White Sox in 5

    Phillies beat Brewers in 3
    Cubs beat Dodgers in 4

    Angels beat Rays in 5
    MVP: Mark Teixeira

    Cubs beat Phils in 6
    MVP: Alfonso Soriano

    World Series:
    Cubs over Angels in 7
    MVP: Carlos Zambrano

  15. oh…
    Phils over Brews in 5
    Cubs over Dodgers in 4

    Cubs over Phils in 4
    MVP= Lee

    Angels over RSox in 4
    Rays over WSox in 4

    Angels over Rays in 5
    MVP= Torii

    Angels over Cubs in 6
    MVP= Tex

  16. i saw this and thought it was pretty interesting:

    Win percentage:
    Mussina – .637
    Blyleven – .534
    Kaat – .544

    Games Started:
    Mussina – 536
    Blyleven – 685
    Kaat – 625 (but was in 898 games with some of those wins coming in non-starting roles!; Mussina was only in one other game that he didn’t start, so just 537!)

    Top 5 Cy Young Award Seasons:
    Mussina – 7 (including this year which he will for sure be in the top 5)
    Kaat – 1
    Blyleven – 3

    All Star teams:
    Mussina – 5
    Kaat – 3
    Blyleven – 2

  17. Red Sox over Angels in 5
    Rays over White Sox in 4
    Phillies over Brewers in 4
    Cubs over Dodgers in 4

    Red Sox over Rays in 5, MVP Pedroia
    Cubs over Phillies in 7, MVP Ramirez
    Red Sox over Cubs in 6, MVP Youkilis

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