Mike Mussina vs. Tom Glavine: Who had the better career?

Tom Glavine will be inducted into the Hall of Fame this summer. He’ll walk into the hall having received more than 90% of the vote during his first year of eligibility. There’s really no doubt that Glavine’s career qualifies him as an all-time great. But if Glavine is a first ballot hall of famer, than…

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Photo via Sports on Earth

Mike Mussina vs. Frank Thomas

Soon to be Baseball Hall of Famer, Frank Thomas played in the Major Leagues for 19 seasons and accumulated 10,075 plate appearances in 2,322 games. In all those seasons he faced no pitcher more often than he faced our beloved Mike Mussina. From 1990-2008, Thomas and Mussina faced each other 96 times. Here is Thomas’s…

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