On January 24th, the 2018 Baseball Hall of Fame class will be announced live on MLB Network. Thanks to the diligent work of Ryan Thibodaux we know a lot about what will be in the announcement. Ryan has collected 180 voter ballots so far or about 43% of the electorate.

Chipper Jones, Jim Thome, and Vladimir Guerrero continue to poll at over 90%. They can start preparing their speeches for late July at the Clark Center in Cooperstown.

Trevor Hoffman also looks like he’ll get elected as he’s been named on 78.3% of ballots thusfar. He missed election by only four votes this year and has already picked up 10 new voters this year.

Edgar Martinez has actually been named on more ballots than Hoffman. His 80.3% doesn’t put him in as strong as a position though because Edgar tends not to do as well with non-public voters. Last year he fell 7.3 percentage points from his public total to his final today (Hoffman’s total was actually higher among non-public voters so his numbers went up). Edgar needs to add voters at a faster rate to have a chance. He’s already added 19 new voters, but our money is still on him falling 10 to 20 votes short. He’ll be set up perfectly for induction next year along with Mo Riveria.

Mike Mussina continues to gain ground. He’s the top vote getter who isn’t over the 75% election threshold. Mussina is at 73.3% and has added 14 new voters this cycle. In past years, Mussina has fallen around seven percentage points from his percentage in Ryan’s tracker to his actual total. If that pattern holds, he’ll make a big jump to around 65% this year (he finished at 51.8% last year). That’s better than Patrick and I predicted, but there are still many votes to be counted. If he can finish around 65%, he’s got a real shot to be elected in 2019.

Curt Schilling has also made a nice rally this year. After seeing his HOF vote totals drop last year, he’s added 14 voters this cycle and sits at 66.1%. Just two years ago, he was polling ahead of Mussina (52% to 43%) but voters punished him for his off-field conduct and statements.

Mussina Links

Joe Posnanski has a piece on MLB.com about Mike Mussina gianing momentum for the HOF. The article focuses on the tendancy of voters to have standards that are too high for modern starting pitchers. It’s a good history lesson.

MASN sports had a articleon Mussina’s HOF case.

We sometimes get questions about what Mussina is up to these days. The Moose is happily coaching high school basketball and you can read a recap of his team’s season (and some quotes from the man himself) in this piece.

Chris Kubak of the The Roundtripper tackled Mike Mussina vs. Tom Glavine.

A poster on the sportstwo.com website made a really compelling Mussina HOF argument that got fowarded to us.

Steven Douglas of The Last Word on Baseball blog also made a compelling HOF case for Mussina.

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