This page chronicles Mike Mussina’s case for the Hall of Fame. It includes most of the articles we’ve written which directly address his candidacy. For reference, you may want to familiarize yourself with Mussina’s career statistics at his baseball-reference page and at Fangraphs.


Tom Glavine vs. Mike Mussina

John Smoltz vs. Mike Mussina

Jack Morris vs. Mike Mussina

Understanding Mussina’s statistical argument for the HOF

Mussina: The WAR-ior

Why Mussina was the 2001 AL Cy Young Award Winner

Playoff Dominance

300 wins or 3,000 strikeouts?

Mike Mussina: Strikeout artist?

Mussina and Schilling – A fascinating duel for the Hall

Juan Marichal, Mussina, and the Death of the Complete Game

No 20? Don’t hate the player, hate the game (and the strike)

How Mussina almost, shoulda, nearly won 20 games in 1996

Why Mussina was “The Man” in Baltimore

Mussina is a True Yankee

Bill James says Mussina is the 11th best Big Game pitcher

Mussina had a Historic Final Season 

Twitter Takes on Mussina

Twitter Facts on Mussina II

Twitter Mussina Takes III


Mussina Talks About the HOF with a Local Reporter

New York Daily News Podcast on Mussina with Mark Simon in Book Form 

Our Interview with The Texas Star Telegram

FOR FUNmussina513

Debate: How could time travel most help Mussina’s HOF chances?

Debate: When Will Mussina be Elected?

Mussina dominated Ken Griffey Jr.

Mike Mussina vs. Craig Biggio

Mussina vs. Mike Piazza

Was Mike Mussina better than Derek Jeter? 

Frank Thomas owned Mike Mussina

Mussina’s 1987 High School Scouting Report


Methods of Measurement for the HOF

Where have you gone, Bret Saberhagen?

mussina2xMUSSINA’S 2008 SEASON

‘Standout Seasons’ chronicles Mussina’s 2008 season

Lasting Impressions – Mussina’s Retirement 

It’s Over

Mussina Finishes 19th for A.L. MVP

Mussina Finishes 6th for A.L. Cy Young Award

Mussina Wins 7th Gold Glove Award

Mussina wins 20 and we live-blogged every second 

Live Blog of Mussina’s 19th win of 2008







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