HOF Results 2017: Rapid Reactions

Today was the day: The 2017 Baseball Hall of Fame voting was announced. It was a big day with lots of news, so let’s break it down.

  1. Moose still moving: The most important news of the day was Mike Mussina‘s results. Moose improved to 51.8% of the vote, an improvement of 8.8 percentage points. This continues a two-year run of progress for Mussina, who has skyrocketed from 24.6% to 51.8% in just two years. While he’s still got a ways to go, the fact that his progress has continued is a major positive.
  2. One out of three ‘aint bad: For weeks, we’ve been tracking Vladimir Guerrero, Trevor Hoffman, and Ivan Rodriguez, all of whom were looking like they could get elected. As it turns out, only Pudge got the call, earning 76% of the vote. Hoffman fell agonizingly short at 74%, missing by just five votes, while Vlad checked in at 71.7%, just 15 votes shy. While the ballot glut wasn’t cleared completely, those two are set up perfectly for induction next year.
  3. Bags and Rock get in: We all knew it was coming, but it doesn’t dampen our excitement. Jeff Bagwell earned induction in his 7th year on the ballot, with 86.2% of the vote, while Tim Raines made it in after 10 years, with 86%. A long-deserved honor for both.
  4. Bonds and Clemens gaining: Ryan and I have gone back and forth on what Bud Selig’s election would mean for these two. Early on, it looked like the two would make major gains. Those didn’t come to fruition, but they still improved to 54.1% and 53.8% respectively.

This is just a quick look at the results. We’ll examine things in more depth during the next few days. As always, we appreciate the support.

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