I’m going to start this column with something mildly controversial, but I ask that you bear with me through the first couple paragraphs, because I swear, I’ll explain myself:

I’m no longer interested in Mike Mussina’s career.

Admittedly, this is a strange position to take, considering I co-founded a site dedicated to getting Mussina elected to the Hall of Fame. But it’s true. Mike Mussina’s career as a major league baseball player ended more than six years ago. At this point, if there is any other way for us to break down his career, I don’t know it. We’ve discussed the stats, we’ve dispelled narratives, we’ve done comparisons. But by and large, we’ve covered all the ground there is to cover there. We encourage you to take a look at it if you’re interested.

But what I’m interested in now is not discussing how Mike Mussina’s career can get him into to the Hall of Fame. I’m interested in discussing how Mike Mussina’s candidacy can do that.

Buster Olney of ESPN recently made headlines when he announced he wouldn’t submit a ballot for the Hall of Fame, because he didn’t have enough space to vote in all the players he wanted to, One of those players he didn’t have room for was Mike Mussina.

Olney, regardless of how you feel about his decision, highlights exactly what I’m referring to. Here’s a situation where someone believes Mussina’s career is worthy of the Hall of Fame, but his candidacy comes up short, because Mussina’s behind too many other worthy players.

I think it’s pretty obvious that, despite our best work, Mike Mussina is not getting elected to the Hall of Fame this season. But his candidacy will be changing, even if his status doesn’t.

What to expect, dear reader? Well, I can’t speak for Ryan, but from me, you’re going to see less straight information posted and more analysis of what it all means.

If four guys get knocked off the ballot this year, I’m not going to talk about how Mussina compares to them. I’m going to write about how that affects the next year’s ballot. If John Smoltz is elected, I’m not going to debate if Mussina was better, I’m going to ask: “What does a Hall of Fame with John Smoltz mean for Mussina?” If some writer casts a ballot without Mussina on it because, like Olney, they didn’t have room, I’m going to talk about what we can glean from that.

It’s a departure from the norm, for sure. But it’s one I think you’ll find rewarding. I hope you keep reading, and keep fighting for Moose!


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