This June will mark the ten-year anniversary of When Patrick and I started this website, Mike Mussina was still under contract with the New York Yankees where he shared a starting rotation with Sidney Ponson, Darrell Rasner, Chein-Ming Wang, and Carl Pavano. The site focused mainly on debunking bad arguments against Mussina while chronicling his 2008 season.

Ten years later, many things have changed.

A decade ago, Patrick lived in a one-room apartment, worked for Best Buy, and was single. Now he’s happily married, has an 18-month old daughter, and works in his dream job for Ithaca College. I did not yet have my Bachelor’s degree and was working in Minor League Baseball. Today, I have a PhD and just finished my third year as a tenure-track professor at SUNY Cortland. Patrick’s note: Cortland lost to Ithaca in football this year by 28 points.

Like our lives, it’s time for to change. Again.

When we re-launched this site in 2013 we shifted its focus from chronicling Mussina’s day-to-day career to his election to the HOF. As a result, we realized we needed to design the site to better reflect that purpose. Today, we’ve done so again. In addition to the layout and color changes, we’ve reorganized the content on the “Case for Mussina” and “Mussina’s Ballot History” pages. We’ve also organized our HOF election commentary by year on the Ballot History page.

The finish line for is in sight. With 63.5% of the required 75% of the vote last year, it’s not a question of “if” but “when” for Mike Mussina and Baseball’s Hall of Fame.

Patrick and I have many exciting things planned for the second half of this year. Thanks for sticking with us. The most exciting days of this long journey are still to come.

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