Since Ryan and I started this website back in 2008, its gone through several different life cycles. Initially, like Festivus, we kind of just wanted to air our grievances about the dumb arguments that fans and writers would make when expressing the belief that Mike Mussina didn’t belong in the Hall of Fame. Like his lack of Cy Young awards.

As this was going on, we realized we were in the middle of a potentially historic season. Something we had only previously dreamed about. A 20-win season. So we chronicled it.

Then, Mussina abruptly retired. Suddenly, there were no more game recaps to write, or new data to crunch. So, after taking a brief hiatus, when we triumphantly returned, we shifted our primary focus from Mike Mussina’s career to Mike Mussina’s chances for election.

We believed each editorial shift we made was the right one, but because of them, some of our best work got buried in a pile of…well, less great work. We want this site to serve as a repository for the data needed to make an informed decision about Mike Mussina’s Hall of Fame candidacy, as well as a place you can go to understand the Hall of Fame voting process. As the was previously laid out, this has been challenging. So Ryan and I talked about it, and then he did a great job revamping the layout of the site.

Want to know why we think Mussina was better than Hall of Famer Tom Glavine or why you shouldn’t use his paucity of 20-win seasons against him? All of our pro-Moose arguments are set forth in the tab at the top of the page, titled “The Case for Mussina.”

Want to read our thoughts on the results of the 2015 Hall of Fame voting, how we think the voting process can be improved? Anything relating to ballots and voting can be found under the “Mussina’s Ballot History.” The rest of our work is still on the site, but some of it’s been (rightly) shipped to the background to allow the really important stuff to the forefront.

Ryan and I hope you like the new layout, and keep visiting our site as we support Mike Mussina’s continued drive to the Hall of Fame

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