This is part two in our 725 or so part series on the men and women tasked with electing baseball players to
the Hall of Fame. Information in these posts may not be complete. What good information you will find in these posts would not be possible without the amazing work of Ryan Thibbs at Seriously, check out his site, he’s an amazing Hall of Fame researcher.

CaptureScott Miller

Current Employer:  Freelance (laid off by CBS Sports in November 2013)

Former Employers: Los Angeles Times, Pioneer Press, CBS Sports (archive).


BBWAA Member since: 1990

HOF Voter since: 2000

Previous Ballots (click year for related column or tweet):
2014: (10) Biggio, Glavine, Kent, Maddux, McGriff, Morris, Raines, Schilling, Thomas, Trammell
2013: (6) Biggio, McGriff, Morris, Murphy, Raines, Trammell
2012: (4) Larkin, Morris, Raines, Trammell
2011: (6) Alomar, Blyleven, Larkin, Morris, Raines, Trammell
2010: (7) Alomar, Blyleven, Dawson, Larkin, Morris, Raines, Trammell
2009: (7) Blyleven, Dawson, Henderson, Morris, Raines, Rice, Trammell

Thoughts on Mussina:

Miller’s CBS columns were some of the best baseball writing on the internet. It’s a shame that CBS let him and Danny Knobler go.

Miller’s HOF columns put him firmly in the “no suspected PED users in the Hall” camp. Read his 2013 column for the full details on his position. This helps Mussina because it means there are fewer players he’ll vote for and therefore less competition for his 10 votes. Four of the ten people Miller voted for in 2014 are off the ballot next year (Glavine, Maddux, Morris, and Thomas). Based on Miller’s above tweet, there’s a good chance that Mussina will make it on his 2015 ballot.


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