…At least that’s what the voting for this year’s AL MVP would have us believe.  Mussina recieved 3 points for MVP, 1 more then he did for Cy Young.  This is because voters can list 10 people for MVP and only 3 for Cy Young.

Moose finished 19th in the voting, his best finish ever (insert tongue into check).  It was the third time Mussina recieved MVP love;  he previously finished 21st and then 20th in 1992 and 1994 respectively.

Feel free to discuss herein the (in)signifance of said event.

My 2 cents:  Looks good on the resume; Recieved MVP votes in three season.  When Mussina comes up on the ballot for the Hall in 5 to 8 years time, no one will remember where he finished.

Patrick’s two cents: Anyone else find the concept of 10th place votes (and thus 19th place finishes) idiotic? If we’re being honest with ourselves, Top 5 should do it. Really, what does an 8th place vote even mean? Can we quantify the difference between an 8th place vote and two tenth place votes? Imagine a world in which that was the difference between the two players. This is why we have 45 Top 10 charts in music. My new system: You vote for one guy. Ye with the most votes wins. End of discussion.

Also: This notion of “Only players on playoff teams have true value. It’s sort of saying, if you don’t work for the big company, being good at your job is pointless, because if you’re not one of the best, there’s no difference between very good and awful. If you’re on a professional baseball team and playing, it means that you’re better than the other option the team has, which means you have value. End of discussion.

(Also idiotic: 1) The different rules in the AL and NL. Pick one set and go with it. There’s a reason no other league has a dumb rule like that 2) College Football overtime. Great, both teams “get a chance at winning.” All we have to do is remove 90% of the strategy and playcalling and sit through 17 missed field goals to get it. 3) Overtime losses in hockey. Phenominal, you lost. Now here’s your reward. There’s a reason no other sport on the planet has this dumb rule either.)

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1 thought on “Mussina: Better Player then Pitcher

  1. He received 1 vote from a Yankee writer ( if you do a Google News search you can find the article where he explains his vote). 1 vote for 8th place is worth 3 points ( 10th is 1 point, 9th is 2, 8th is 3,…). Its not 3 votes. In the Cy Young, he received 2 third place votes. He received more votes, both higher, and a higher placing in the Cy Young (6th) than MVP.

    FWIW, I could see some scenario where he would be more worthy of MVP votes, depending on how you define MVP and CY Young. If CY Young award is for the best pitcher in the league, he was not. Though I think he was top 5. Whereas MVP, you could say he was the most valuable player for his team. And with 10 places, there is a good chance Moose was among the top 10 most valuable players for a team in the AL. I would put him above A-rod. I would put Rivera above A-Rod as well. Heck, I’ll put Damon and Abreau as well.

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