If you follow us on Twitter (like 600+ wise souls do) you’ll know that we often retweet interesting tidbits about Mike Mussina. If you don’t follow us or don’t use Twitter or can’t keep up with all the content on Twitter (and the repetitive ads that appear in the timeline) this post is for you. These are Mussina-centric tweets from baseball writers, analysts, and fans over the past few months. Our commentary is included.

I was a bit surprised to see David Ortiz pick Mussina since he hasn’t faced him in eight years. Here is the full article from Ortiz. It includes a few paragraphs from Papi about his experiences facing Mussina.


All should be in one day. We may not see many more pitchers get to 3000+ innings. Felix Hernandez (2400 IP) and Justin Verlander (2318 IP) have a good chance to join this list if they stay healthy for three more seasons.

Even Twitter’s parody accounts respect Moose’s 1997 postseason.

Hate is a strong word. It’s not strong enough in this case.

Patrick has written about this comparison before.

Buster Olney’s New York Times column from the day after Mussina’s 1-0 shutout is worth your time.

Actually, this was Patrick.

When you search Mussina on Twitter these days you actually get as many hits for his son, as you do for Mike. Mussina’s son Brycen is a gunslinging QB in a pro-style office at Montoursville High School. According to a Standford Athletics blog

Stanford, Delaware, Bucknell, Holy Cross and Duquesne are among the programs that have expressed football recruiting interest in Mussina, who intends to camp with the Cardinal, Delaware, Bucknell and perhaps Holy Cross this summer.

Here is the younger Mussina’s highlight reel. He’s soon going to make a name for himself.


Finally, there are these amusing Mussina references that were generated during the Orioles’ wild card game.

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