This is our third column that documents Mike Mussina factoids we’ve found on Twitter. Previous versions here and here.

Every so often a baseball fan or writer will tweet something interesting or insightful about our favourite Pennsylvania native. Sometimes they link to an old column about Moose or a current player accomplishes a feat that prompts someone to mention Mussina.

Here are some of our favorites from the past month along with a collection of recent links about Mussina (at the bottom).

It’s not every day that you see a pitcher buckle the knees of one of the greatest right-handed hitters of all time. Here’s Mussina throwing a beautiful curveball to a pre-long hair Manny Ramirez.

Yet another reminder who the SP for the Yankees was during the “Jeter Flip” game. Yes, Jeter made a great play. Mussina’s seven shutout innings while on the road and facing elimination were more important.

Michael Pineda wears Mussina’s #35 and earlier this month he took a perfect game into the seventh inning.

No Mussina stats in the above tweet. I just love that he added the Mussina HOF tidbit at the end.

Patrick and I actually discussed this in a column last year. Patrick’s answer surprised me as he went with something other than Mussina’s near-perfect game.


There has been a lot written about Derek Jeter over the last week because the Yankees retired his number on Sunday evening. We actually compared Jeter to Mussina in an article from 2014 when Jeter was in his final week and Keith Olbermann (remember him?) launched his infamous broadside against him.

Tim Gillen (@hoftimgillen) wrote about Mussina’s chances for the HOF. My favorite excerpt:

The 83.0 cumulative WAR he achieved for his career ranks 19th all-time among pitchers in the Hall of Fame or currently on the ballot. And 58th all time among all 18,646 pitchers AND hitters. It’s better than Bob Gibson (81.9), Curt Schilling (80.7) and Bob Feller (65.2). And he did it all in the AL East and in the Steroid Era. How in the world could this guy be left out?

Keith Law talked to Sports Illustrated about Mussina not getting enough attention for the HOF. Law thinks Mussina is the one player who isn’t in right now, who should be. Law is doing the rounds promoting his new book Smart Baseball.

Mussina has a key role in this Mike Klingman piece on the 1997 Orioles. Klingaman was a beat reporter for the Baltimore Sun and chronicled the team’s march to the ’97 ALCS where they lost to Cleveland.

Peter Botte of the The New York Daily News mentioned Mussina in this piece on whose numbers the Yankees should retire next. Sports on Earth did the same, here is what they wrote about Mussina:

Mussina should go into the Hall of Fame as an Oriole, but it wouldn’t be wrong for the Yankees to retire his number, anyway. Mussina won 123 games, three Gold Gloves and two pennants with the Yankees, and he should have won the 2001 AL Cy Young Award, as well.

If you ever wondered what a Mike Mussina autograph would cost you, well now we know. Mussina is doing a private autograph session later this month with JP’s Sports & Rock Solid Promotions. Signed baseball cards will run you $35 a piece, while signed balls will cost you $49. More information is at the link above if you are interested in a Mussina autograph.


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