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Mike Mussina vs. Frank Thomas

Soon to be Baseball Hall of Famer, Frank Thomas played in the Major Leagues for 19 seasons and accumulated 10,075 plate appearances in 2,322 games. In all those seasons he faced no pitcher more often than he faced our beloved Mike Mussina. From 1990-2008, Thomas and Mussina faced each other 96 times. Here is Thomas’s…

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BBWAA reveals voter ballots

The Baseball Writers Association of America recently published the ballots of its voters who choose to make their selections public. There are 38 public votes on the BBWAA site for Mike Mussina. A couple interesting things about the BBWAA list of Mussina voters: 32 of the 38 voters who voted for Mussina filled their ballot…

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The Class of 2014

We can all look forward to the winter of 2013 when Mussina will again make headlines.  The hall of fame class of 2014 will be debated and analized to a great extent.   The elections will be made public during the first week of Janaury 2014.  It’s going to be an amazing contending class.  The headliners…

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